Tragedy (with Video Link)


Cast away any doubt, this life is not for me.

     The Raven is tapping at my cellar door

Circling my mind, lighting aflame these

            suicidal tendencies.

Dreams haunting me on this lonely road to Death.


Help me

    Help me

         Help me to unravel these secret, insane nightmares

Solve the unforgivable.

Unwrap these chains of mystery

     Discover what’s inside this mind of Misery.



Maybe, Too Late




Demons run amok .

    Dragging me down; deep into self-hatred.

  Tell me everything will be ok

      Whisper “I never loved you anyway”  as my

            hearts lies bleeding in your hand.


I know this tune.

I’ve seen this film

                Such a fucking tragedy.



© Timothy Grassan

The Dark Writings Collection #6 Video


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