Misunderstood Loneliness with Video Link

Misunderstood Loneliness

Plants growing from my soul.  Emitting

   sour smells and intoxicating the innocent

little boy, who was once : ME.  In the

   firelight of a firefight, the

chemical dependency is

    ruining the softness of the my sanity.

Death is my perception.  The flowering

catacombs.  The magnified horrors.

Rainbow tunnels are filling with a

    mysterious fluid.  Heart-shaped

skulls, wake me from this death.  Can

   I come home and poke through this,

nightmarish cloak of deception? 

    Without love, without dreams,

without hope, with hope and freedom:

   A man has nothing but,


Devotion?  Elevated penalties.

   Sickness in the form of passion.

My overly active imagination, just

      might show me the truth.

Who the fuck are you? 

     Do I know you or did I

know you then?

    Don’t be afraid to respond to my

psychotic bursts of rage.

I am harmless. Just misunderstood and very lonely.


©Timothy Grassan



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