Isolation (Video Added)

I sit here alone in this darkened cell
"I'm okay", my mind I tell
I hear the distant cries of my children, in this Hell
I know, deep inside, my mind is not well

It's just the beast inside my head
Something telling me "go ahead and go to bed"
My thoughts are my fears, from which I am fed
Visions, by where, I wake up broken and dead

The monster in my dreams, I do not fear
Fore, the Demon of Lost Souls tells me he cares
Shattered sleep, Purple Death is near
Lost lives, I weep bittersweet tears

Myself, Afraid...Alone
A life I love...Forever gone
As the violent end, I am shone
Will I ever find the way back to my home?

A sacred place, lost in the boiling sands of time
These horrible nightmares, forever mine
Lucifer's Band, my soul, they dine
Alone and scared...Death, I do resign

©Timothy Grassan

Isolation Video

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